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Financial Market Risk Management Vision

Market risk management’s ultimate value is in helping financial organizations optimize the capital allocation process, in order to maximize the ratio of return to risk. Market risk management’s value is not only to prevent unexpected loss.

Every type of financial risk, whether it is market, credit, balance sheet asset vs liability, or insurance is a form of market risk that is tied to changing conditions of interest rates, equity, FX, credit, and commodity markets.

Exposure to market risk exists regardless of whether the risk is traded or non-traded, and whether it is accounted for on an accrual or fair value basis.

Risk measurement and information technology are transforming the way financial organizations derive market risk intelligence, with the potential to significantly reduce the cost of measuring risk.

Optimal MRM’s is to provide a market risk measurement capability as an outsourced service using cloud computing, to help financial organizations minimize the burden and cost of measuring risk, and maximize risk-adjusted return.

Optimal MRM offers a range of services to help organizations navigate financial market conditions, while executing on the company’s vision for the future of financial market risk management and measurement.

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