Risk e-Learning

Leverage Optimal MRM’s subject matter expertise in risk management and e-Learning to create tailored risk learning content for your organization.

Custom development of risk Learning content in rich multimedia formats. A picture is worth a thousand words and an animation is worth a thousand pictures.

Optimal MRM will transform your existing learning content into rich media that engages your end-users more effectively.

Development and deployment of risk e-Learning delivery infrastructure.

Leverage Optimal MRM’s experience in the development of custom-built learning Management Systems (LMS), and integration of third-party LMS.

Deliver Optimal MRM’s risk e-Learning catalog, under your organization’s brand.

Branded custom-developed risk e-Learning content and Learning Management System (LMS).

Risk Communication

The communication of risk is fundamental to the success of financial institutions. Leverage Optimal MRM’s subject matter expertise in risk management and technology, to create powerful tools that help you communicate risk information in an intuitive and engaging way, across all levels of your organization.

Risk Measurement

Risk measurement and valuation of traded and non-traded market risk exposure.

Independent validation of risk and valuation metrics for traded and non-traded market risk.

Development and Implementation of risk measurement infrastructure.

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