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Optimal MRM’s e-Learning program bridges the gap between theoretical risk knowledge and application, by providing a practical understanding of market risk, traded credit risk, liquidity risk, and capital management to functional and executive teams in risk management, finance, audit, and front-office, in financial organizations.

The risk measurement and management concepts and techniques presented in this program can be adapted in a traded or non-traded setting, on an accrual-accounting or fair value-accounting basis. The program presents market risk measurement and management knowledge that can be applied in banks, insurance companies, pension funds, asset management firms, and related organizations such as financial regulatory bodies and accounting firms.
The modular structure of the program allows individuals and organizations to tailor risk learning, to suit their requirements. Although many sections of this program are technical in nature, the program is suitable for quantitative and general practitioners. Basic proficiency in math and Excel is sufficient to gain an understanding of the concepts presented.
Earn your continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing professional education (CPE) credits by attending Optimal MRM’s e-Learning modules.
Each module includes a set of presentation videos (streaming), a downloadable Excel spreadsheet, and a downloadable PDF.
The viewing time of the presentation video, for each module, is between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the topic. The downloadable Excel spreadsheet enables you to practice hands-on risk measurement techniques, as demonstrated during the presentation. The downloadable PDF file is a text version of the presentation video.
Actual viewing time may vary depending on how frequently a subscriber wishes to pause or replay segments of the presentation. The guided hands-on Excel exercises can add 10-20 minutes to the time it takes to complete the module, depending on the member’s level of engagement in the exercises.
A short quiz is provided to test your knowledge of the concepts presented. A personalized certificate of achievement is issued to you with a minimum score of 50%, with a gold emblem certificate issued for scoring 80% or above.
Each module is accessible for 9 months, or a maximum of 9 accesses, as determined by the number of times that the ‘Launch’ button is pressed.

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