Expected Shortfall (FRTB)

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Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a general understanding of Expected Shortfall as a measure that is used to set the minimum capital required for trading book risk exposure, under Basel’s revised standards.
  • Examine the process of mapping trading positions to risk factors for the purpose of calculating Expected Shortfall (Excel).
  • Review Basel’s assignment of liquidity horizons to risk factors
    Calculate the Expected Shortfall and resulting capital charge for a hypothetical trading book (Excel).
  • Understand the mechanics of using the Indirect Approach when risk factor market data are unavailable.
  • Review the interaction between the Internal Models Approach, which includes Expected Shortfall, and the Standardized Approach, in setting minimum capital.


  • 45 minutes


  • Staff and management in Risk, Finance, Operations, Audit, Risk IT, and Front Office, in financial organizations globally.
    Earn verifiable Continuing Education and Professional Development credits with Optimal MRM’s e-Learning program.

Recommended Course Prerequisites:

How long do I have to complete this course?

  • You will have access to course content for 270 days from enrollment date and can choose to complete the course at any time during this period.


Audio-Visual Content and Course Duration:

  • The time that it takes to complete the course will be determined by your desired pace. It’s estimated that you will spend up to 2 hours to complete the course.
  • The total viewing time of lesson presentations is 1-1.5 hours;  individual lesson topics are between 5-15 minutes each, presented as audio-visual content.
  • The time needed to complete each exercise presented is between 10-20 minutes, based on your level of engagement.
  • The exam is allocated 1 hour.

Downloadable Content:

  • The exercises presented in lessons are provided in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. This will enable you to practice the exercises, side-by-side with the lesson presentations.
  • A downloadable PDF is provided as a text version of the lessons presentations. This can be used as reference and to make notes, as you go through the presentations.

Exam and Certificate:

  • The course exam is comprised of questions in the form of true/false, multiple choice, sorting choice, and fill in the blank.
  • A personalized course certificate will be issued to you with a minimum score of 50%.


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